About Wibble

We are Wibo and Ruth Wiersma. Together, we are Wibble.

Wibble was born out of a passion for food, amazing products and healthy living.

Wibo has a firm foundation in the catering- and hospitality industry. 30 years of experience in all corners of the world of hospitality have given him a thorough understanding all kinds of companies. From the tiny bistro to haute quisine, from event catering to the michelin star. 

As a vocational education teacher at a catering business school, Wibo discovered his qualities as a trainer and coach. His classes consistently showed a high success rate.  

Catering education is a wonderful calling, but Wibo discovered his true passion was working in the heart of hospitality itself; the kitchen. Ever since, he has made it his personal mission to train both experienced and new catering staff on the job. 

Ruth is nutritionist and lifestylecoach. She shares Wibo’s passion for good, healthy food. In her career as nutritionist she often found clients would initially embrace their newfound lifestyle, but did not manage to stick to it. Ruth coaches her clients and helps them adapt to their new lifestyle in a sustainable way, which in turn leads to sustainable results. 

Wibo en Ruth Wiersma