A brand new lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle and healthy eating go hand in hand. Wibble helps you on your path to becoming a better, healthier you in your very own kitchen. Consuming less salt or sugar is easier than you think! And with the right tools, tips nad tricks you’ll make the most delicious healthy meals at home.

Changing your lifestyle means you’ll have to learn how to look at food from a new perspective. It also means changing your mindset. Wibble helps you through: 

  • Re-learning how to cook
  • Coaching you towards sustainable results
  • Shopping for health. Together we will evaluate your shopping habits and learn to make better choices. 

Wibble has a wealth of experience to share on changing to a low-carb or low-salt diet. Together we will make sure you keep it up! So, are you ready for a new and healthy you? Contact us today, and let’s discuss possibilities!

Wibo en Ruth Wiersma

Together Wibo and Ruth are Wibble. With more than 30 years of experience in catering and hospitality,  Wibo can help you look at food and nutrition in a whole new way. Ruth is your personal nutrition coach. With her coaching, your new lifestyle will definitely be a sustainable change.