Wibble for catering & hospitality

With more than 20.000 job openings in the catering & hospitality industry, it has become a real challenge to find qualified staff. But your kitchen is open and your guests keep coming in. Getting the job done with the resources and staff at hand. That is what Wibble stands for. 

Catering for an event with more than a hundred guests, the afternoon rush hour at the lunchroom down the street, a luxurious restaurant or the office cafetaria. Together we will get the job done. I will be at your service to: 

  • Coach experienced crewmembers
  • Train new kitchen- and serving staff
  • Analyse and optimise your workflow


From wholesale to execution and from kitchen to waiting; together we will find the problems in your processes and smooth them out. Do you want to bring out the best in yourself or your brigade? Contact us today and let’s discuss possibilites. 

Wibo en Ruth Wiersma